Our mission at Panache is to help our guests look and feel their absolute best. We do this by taking time with all our guests to bring out the unique beauty that exists in us all. We use the finest, natural, cruelty-free products and treatments that are kind to the earth and its inhabitants.

  • Panache is committed to nurturing the talents of our staff and encouraging their genuine desire to grow and improve.
  • Panache is committed to supporting and growing local environmental restoration efforts, supporting our local community through support of school sponsored children’s groups, and supporting families through assisting local family charities.

At Panache we aim to create an environment which will nurture the talent of our team members as well as support their desire to grow as a team. We have created Panache, where the genuine well-being of our guests and the quality of our service is our primary mission

Panache is locally owned and staffed, committed to growing and supporting our community.